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MERCALI is a company having a fully Romanian owned capital, established in 1994, having as main activity object the supply of wet feeds for animal farmers. Besides this activity, MERCALI also developed the trade with cereals (corn, wheat, soy, rape), providing for the customers even the transport with special vehicles, MERCALI owning 6 trucks and 2 tanker trucks.

In 2012, MERCALI took over for marketing the brewer’s grain from the URSUS BREWERIES in Buzău and Timișoara, achieving the distribution for approximately 250 customers, natural and legal entities.

In 2013, MERCALI decided to invest in the construction of a drying plant for brewer’s grain, beet pulp, but also in cereals storage areas.

Considering that the raw material comes from a microbiologically safe source, uncontaminated, with no heavy metals, the dry products can be used to make bio feeds.

Due to the fact that URSUS BREWERIES is a company which puts quality first, the raw material we take from them has the best quality, it helps us make products of special biological and microbiological quality.

MERCALI Company was established by Dr. Ovidiu Moga, a veterinarian having 35 years of experience in production. Drawn by the challenges provided by working in agriculture, the veterinarian used his competence so that the exclusively bio-based products which the company sells come to the help of the farmers. Along him, he gathered a staff of 30 persons, experienced and motivated by the achieved results, but also by future challenges.

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