One of the main romanian companies  in supplying the animal food.

Ever since 1994, we are one of the main suppliers of wet and dry feeds for animal farmers.

We support hundreds of farmers and householders who are working both on their own and for their own business, through the various range of marketed products, as well as through the provided quality services.

Our feeds come from the beer, sugar and oil industry, having as main supplier the URSUS BREWERIES, where the raw material has the best quality.

We sell the following products:

Wet feeds

  • fresh brewer’s grain
  • liquid brewery yeast
  • fresh beet pulp
  • sugar beet molasses

Dry feeds

  • dry brewer’s grain
  • dry brewery yeast
  • dry beet pulp


  • wheat
  • corn
  • soy
  • sunflower
  • rape


  • soy groats
  • sunflower groats

Due to our investment in the construction of a plant for drying and storing the dried feeds and cereals, we managed to extend our range of products and to satisfy the needs and demands of animal breeders in Romania.

All our products are exclusively bio-based, being tested in specialized laboratories. They are proven to be microbiologically pure, with no hormone additions, uncontaminated and with no heavy metals.

All these qualities, together with the competitive prices, bring added value to our customers, both in their businesses, as well as in their households.

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