Hundreds of customers have trust in us.

In MERCALI, dependability and quality are our main strengths.

Our staff is made of a team of 30 experienced and motivated persons, ready to satisfy the demands of our customers on the entire Romanian territory.

For the transport and distribution of feeds, cereals and groats, we have a specially dedicated fleet, made of specialized vehicles authorized by the Sanitary and Veterinarian Authority. Currently, our fleet is made of 6 trucks and 2 tanker trucks, having all the equipment necessary to transport the cargo safe and under the best conditions.

Ever since our company was established, in 1994, we are specialized in the production and marketing of wet feeds: fresh brewer’s grain, liquid brewery yeast, fresh beet pulp, sugar beet molasses, soy and sunflower groats.

In our own factory, we dry (dehydrate) feeds such as: brewer’s grain, brewery yeast and beet pulp, in order to extend our range of marketed products.

All our products are tested and analyzed in specialized laboratories, being proven to be exclusively bio-based and microbiologically safe.

Provided services:

  • marketing of wet feeds
  • marketing of dry feeds
  • distribution and transport of feeds, cereals and groats with specialized vehicles authorized by the Sanitary and Veterinarian Authority
  • laboratory analyses

For more details about our activity and in order to ask for a collaboration offer, feel free to contact us. Our specialists are pleased to be at your disposal.

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